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Dead Hippie Brewing, Sheridan CO | BottleMakesThree.com

Dead Hippie Brewing Now Open in Sheridan

Dead Hippie Brewing quietly opened their doors and started serving pints last weekend. This newest neighborhood spot officially unlocked their doors on Thursday, October 22, and we stopped by their first Saturday to check them out. As luck would have it we even ran into a few of our own hippie friends, Rob and Stacy, which was an awesome surprise.

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CO-Brew Brewery & Homebrew Shop in Denver, CO | BottleMakesThree.com

We’re Brewing Again Thanks To CO-Brew

It’s ridiculous that it took us so long to get to CO-Brew. This homebrew shop and brewery has been open a few months, and they’re less than a block from my office. We literally drive past them every day on our commute home from work, yet we hadn’t stopped. One night after work we finally got a sign that we should stop in for a beer. This sign…

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Opening This Weekend: Great Frontier Brewing & Tivoli Brewing

TGIF y’all! We don’t know about you, but we’re so ready to start this weekend. The cooler weather we experienced mid-week is a reminder that we’re only guaranteed a few more hot summer weekends, so it’s time to take advantage of them while we can. For us that means some hiking, spending some quality time in the backyard, and taking advantage of sitting on a sunny patio somewhere to enjoy some delicious craft beers.

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Factotum Brewhouse, Denver CO | bottlemakesthree.com

Drink & Brew Great Beer at Factotum Brewhouse

This weekend we finally made it by Factotum Brewhouse in Sunnyside. It’s was an unplanned stop so we only had enough time to try two pints, but our first impression was that we left pretty damn impressed. The beer was great, the taproom was really cool, and the staff was as friendly as you’ll find at any brewery.

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Fermaentra Brewing and Tap Room, Denver CO | BottleMakesThree.com

Escaping Reality at FERMÆNTRA

I know it seems like all we do is visit great breweries and drink craft beer. If only that were true. In reality, we both work totally beer-free desk jobs Monday through Friday. We sit at our computers all day long, trying to solve problems and put out figurative fires for our employers, all without a single craft beverage in sight. By Thursday afternoon we need a break from the meetings, the conference calls, and […]

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Odyssey Beerwerks in Arvada, CO | via bottlemakesthree.com

Odyssey Beerwerks: Cold Beer in a Warm Setting

Remember how just a few short weeks ago we were complaining about rain? And how last month we had snow? Well, all of that is long gone, and summertime has finally arrived in Colorado. Now our days are filled with sunshine and warm temperatures, while our nights are cool and lovely. If you live anywhere outside of Colorado right now, you should be jealous. It’s simply wonderful here this time of year.

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Great Divide 21st Anniversary | bottlemakesthree.com

Great Divide Brewing’s 21st Anniversary Party & New Denver Brewery

Yesterday we went to the future site of Great Divide Brewing Co to celebrate for their 21st Anniversary. The new space is almost complete, with a full kegging and canning line already installed. This location will also serve as their barrel storage facility, and although they plan on keeping their current Arapahoe Street establishment open, eventually a full brewhouse and tasting room will be added at the new site, too. While the space isn’t quite […]

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Coda Brewing Co, Aurora CO | bottlemakesthree.com

Celebrating with Coda Brewing Co

We’re way behind on writing about new breweries. How far behind? Well, we’re just now reviewing Coda Brewing Co in Aurora, after they’ve been in business a full year. But what we lack in punctuality we make up for in persistence, so someday we’ll get around to all the breweries. Fortunately for us, we decided to visit Coda Brewing just in time for their 1st Anniversary Party, where we enjoyed an afternoon of fine beer, […]

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Manitou Brewing Co Review | bottlemakesthree.com

Pints and Pretzels at Manitou Brewing Co

It’s been raining a lot in Colorado of late, in case you didn’t know. The weekend before this last one we decided that we’d spent enough time sitting indoors because of the rain, and we decided to head south – where the sun was (mostly) shining and we could enjoy some fresh air and beautiful views. We spent most our afternoon walking around Colorado City and enjoying their annual Territory Days festival. Afterward we decided to head […]

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Review of Großen Bart Brewery in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com

Excellent Beers & Beards Abound at Großen Bart Brewery

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We hope you’re all getting ready for a few days off to relax, recharge, and remember the meaning of this holiday. We certainly are ready for a break from the daily grind! However before we head off to celebrate, we have one more brewery review for you this week. As you may remember, earlier this month we headed north to Longmont to visit a few breweries. Our first stop was 300 Suns […]

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Brewery Review: 300 Suns Brewing in Longmont, CO | https://www.bottlemakesthree.com

It’s Always Sunny at 300 Suns Brewing

Recently we’ve been refocusing our efforts on visiting ALL the great breweries in Colorado. At this point we’ve lost track of how many actual breweries exist in the state, but it’s somewhere around 250+ or so, and we’ve only visited around half of them. The horror! To help get us back on track we decided to make a Saturday afternoon trip to the only two breweries in Longmont we haven’t visited yet: 300 Suns Brewing and Großen Bart […]

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