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Todd Baldwin, President and Founder of Red Leg Brewing Company, at Red Leg's 5th Anniversary Party.

Red Leg Celebrates 5 Years; Shares Big Plans For Their Future

What do you get when you combine the 4th of July with a 5th Anniversary party and a 2 craft beer geeks like us? You get a summer party that’s cranked up to 11! At least, that was our experience when we went to Colorado Springs for Red Leg Brewing Company’s 5th Anniversary Party. We attended the shindig with our buddy and honorary BMT member for the day, Chris. Red Leg Brewing Company certainly knows how […]

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Red Leg Brewing, Serving Those Who Served

It’s awful how sometimes the silly commitments we make (i.e.: work) keeps us from our true passion (i.e.: beer.)  That’s the only excuse we have for taking so long to recognize a brewery we visited a few months ago that really deserved to be featured long before now:  Red Leg Brewing Company. Red Leg Brewing celebrated their 1st anniversary last Friday, on the 4th of July.  It’s fitting that this great brewery down in Colorado […]

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Woodland Park Wanderings

As you may gathered by our increased posts, the past few weeks have been immensely fun and extremely busy. On Sunday morning we awoke to find that we had no plans! The family visitors were already on the road, and the calendar was blank. What a blessing! We decided to take a little time off for ourselves, and enjoy a little free time together. We took the top off the Wrangler and hit the road […]

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Colorado Springs Beer Tour, Part 3 of 3

After a whirlwind tour of the Colorado Springs brewery scene, we woke up Sunday with only one thing on our mind:  breakfast!   Lucky for us we found a cute (and pretty popular) local place for some grub, the King’s Chef Diner.   If you’re in Colorado Springs for breakfast, I highly recommend this place.   Just be warned:  their portions are HUGE.  Jeff ordered the ½ breakfast burrito, and I ordered a ¼ size of their special […]

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Colorado Springs Beer Tour, Part 2 of 3

After a Saturday afternoon sampling a few of the Colorado Springs breweries, we were ready to hit it even harder for Saturday night!   Our first stop:  Bristol Brewing Company.  Bristol is one of the few Colorado Springs breweries we were actually familiar with before our trip, and we were pretty excited to check out their tap house.   What made this a bonus would be that it was a 2-for-1, because Bristol Brewing Company was also where […]

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Colorado Springs Beer Tour, Part 1 of 3

There’s something to be said for getting away from it all, even if you’re not getting away very far.   Even a brief night away can help you recharge your batteries and reconnect with what’s important to you. Of course, we’re talking about beer. We decided this weekend to make some real progress on our efforts to visit all the breweries in Colorado by scheduling a quick little getaway to Colorado Springs.  Colorado Springs isn’t very […]

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