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5 New-To-Colorado Breweries We’re Happy To See Distributing To Our State

Everybody loves Colorado. With our beautiful scenery, countless sunny days, snow-capped mountains and vast plains, what’s not to love? It seems like everyone wants to be in Colorado, including some big names in craft beer. The second half of 2018 brought several well-knewn breweries to Colorado, or at more accurately, to our liquor store coolers…

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Escaping to Fremont County and Florence Brewing Co | BottleMakesThree.com

Escape to Fremont County and Florence Brewing Company

On the way home from our recent Salida road trip, we decided to do some exploring. One of our stops was in Florence, where we checked out Florence Brewing Company. But before we made it to the brewery, we made a quick stop and did some time in Canon City at the Museum of Colorado Prisons. Read on to learn about our time behind bars, and our escape to Florence Brewing Co. Highway 50 Drive […]

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Exploring the Breweries of Estes Park, Colorado | BottleMakesThree.com

Exploring the Breweries of Estes Park

Last weekend we decided to escape the heat of the front range and head to the Colorado mountains. More specifically, we realized we hadn’t been to Estes Park in a while, and a sunny, summer day seemed like the perfect time for a quick road trip. Estes Park is a beautiful and bountiful mountain town, filled with shops, outdoor activities and three breweries – none of which we have visited yet. The plan was to spend a […]

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Colorado Beer Change Initiative Won’t Be On 2016 Ballot

We wanted to post an update to the beer news we shared back in May about the ongoing battle to bring full-strength beer to Colorado grocery stores. Currently, Colorado grocers are only able to sell 3.2% ABV beer. As you can imagine, it doesn’t exactly fly off the shelves. Whether or not to lift that law has been a debated in Colorado for years. However this year the subject really started to pick up steam, […]

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Four Noses Brewing Co, Broomfield CO | bottlemakesthree.com

What’s Brewing in Broomfield

This weekend something rare and wonderful happened: we had nothing on our calendar! I can’t stress enough how rarely that happens to us. It’s crazy how busy life can seem sometimes, which is why it’s incredible whenever we can wake up in the morning with no agenda, no plans, and no commitments for the day. We decided to spend our free day doing what we love best, exploring some great Colorado craft breweries! After checking our […]

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2015 Collaboration Festival Been Lineup | bottlemakesthree.com

Collaboration Fest Update & Beer List

We told you a few weeks ago about the Collaboration Festival. Did you get your tickets yet? If not you’d better hurry, because in just 15 days the Collaboration Beer Festival takes over Sports Authority Field at Mile High, delivering some unique and incredible beer collaborations to thirsty craft beer fans. We can tell you from experiencing the festival last year that this event is one of a kind. Don’t delay and miss out; get your tickets […]

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Beers, Toads, and Backyard Beer Gardens

There’s a lot more to Golden, Colorado than the Coors Brewery.  There a cute little historic district full of places to eat, drink, and shop on Washington Avenue.  There is the Colorado School of Mines, one of the top engineering and applied science universities in the country.  There is also quite a lot of outdoor recreational spots, such as Clear Creek, where you can spend the day tubing, kayaking, or even panning for gold.  I’m […]

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Bald Mountain and Twisted Pine

So if there is one downfall to drinking a lot of good craft beer, it has to be the little extra poundage it can add to your midsection if you’re not careful.  Yep, the good old beer belly.   It’s a never-ending battle to be able to consume lots of yummy craft beers, without causing too much damage on the scale.  This is why when we planned a little brewery excursion to Boulder on Sunday July […]

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