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IPA Day is celebrated the first Thursday of August each year.

Happy National IPA Day, Even If (you think) You Hate IPAs

Happy National IPA Day 2018 everybody! Yes, today is the one day a year that you have an excuse, or better yet, an obligation, to enjoy a delicious India Pale Ale. Heck, enjoy a few of them. We certainly won’t judge you, especially on such a holy day such as National IPA Day! In fact, as soon as we hit “publish” on this post tonight, we’ll probably be joining in the celebration ourselves. Cheers!

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IPA Day and Our 11 Favorite Colorado IPAs

Happy IPA Day! Since 2011, the first Thursday in August is the day we stop to celebrate our favorite hoppy beer, the India pale ale (IPA). On this date, beer lovers and beer makers across the globe are invited to raise a glass of their favorite IPA and toast America’s most popular style of craft beer. Ashley Routson (@TheBeerWench) says it best in her IPA Day article on CraftBeer.com: “IPA Day is not the brainchild […]

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Celebrate & Be Hoppy: It’s IPA Day!

Happy 5th Annual IPA Day Everyone! What are we doing at work today? Don’t they know it’s an international holiday? Since 2011, August 6th has been recognized around the globe as IPA Day, the day when beer lovers celebrate and pay homage to the India Pale Ale (IPA). IPA Day is more than a great excuse to enjoy a hoppy brew. It’s your opportunity to connect with other beer drinkers worldwide by sharing a beer, […]

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Happy IPA Day 2014!

Happy National IPA Day 2014! If you need an excuse to crack open an IPA today, you’re in luck because today is National IPA Day!   In our opinion the best IPA is whatever one is in our glass, but if you need help finding a favorite check out Beer Advocate’s list of the most popular American IPAs for inspiration.  You can also get some great ideas from the Today show on how to best celebrate […]

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Happy IPA Day, and Other Reasons to Drink!

We may not have made visits to any breweries this past week, but we did still manage to fit in a few good beers. Saturday night was spent in Jessica and Shawn’s backyard for some burgers, backyard games, and of course, a few beers. Jeff got there early and helped ShawnyB brew up a batch of Strawberry Beer. It looks like it’s going to be a delicious brew, ready just in time for the tail […]

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