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Drunk and Disorderly in Las Vegas

Thanks to Frontier Airlines and their rock-bottom, no-frills prices, we took another trip to Las Vegas this week.  It was an inexpensive spur of the moment trip that came at just the right time, getting us out of the daily rainstorms in Colorado and into the blazing hot sun of Nevada.  It was fabulous to spend days at the pool and nights knocking back drinks at the craps table.  After three days of excessive drinking, […]

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Catching Up with BMT

Will you ever forgive us for being so neglectful to our little blog? It’s been about three months since our last post. There’s no excuse for being gone so long, so we won’t even bother making one up. Instead, we’ll just move forward, and recap some of what we’ve been up to over the past 89 days.

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Brews and Booze in Las Vegas

There were no Colorado breweries visited last week, but for good reason. We decided to ditch Denver for a long weekend in Las Vegas! Las Vegas is a favorite getaway of ours; in fact, we love Vegas so much that we got married there in 2005. But for all the fun and good times we have in Las Vegas, there is one thing we don’t usually indulge in much here, and that’s beer. It’s not […]

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