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Malty, Hoppy-Scented Memories… of the Fests That Were

It seems like just yesterday we just updated our blog with a flurry of posts, only to fall behind once again.  It’s really not our fault.  It’s summertime, and while the livin’ is easy, the blogging is sort of a pain in the ass.  When the weather is warm and the drinks are cold, it’s easy to lose focus.   It’s difficult to sit in front of the computer when the sunshine and warm breezes […]

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Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival

The big day was finally here! Like kids waiting for Christmas, we had been planning our Breckenridge trip for weeks to attend the Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival. Sure there are other, bigger beer festivals in town – but this one is still one of our favorites and in our opinion, one of the best in Colorado. They offer beautiful mountain views, a cozy lakeside location at Main Street Station, and lets face it, some great […]

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Breckenridge Brewery 22nd Anniversary Party

Breckenridge Brewery turned 22 this weekend, and we were there to help them celebrate.  And by “help them celebrate” I mean drink their beer, eat their food, and generally enjoy wandering around the brewery like we were some sort of VIPs.  This is the party of the summer, and we haven’t missed one yet.  Okay, that’s a total lie.  We never even knew about this party until our friend Jessica heard about it last year.  But since […]

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Renegade Brewing 1st Anniversary Party

After finishing our Challenge Nation race yesterday, we were ready to party!   Lucky for us there was a celebration in progress at nearby Renegade Brewing Company.  It was Renegade’s 1st Anniversary party, and being such big fans of this brewery, we weren’t going to miss it! It seems like Renegade Brewing has made lots of fans over their first year, because this party was packed full of people celebrating this favorite neighborhood brewery.  Renegade opened […]

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