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The end of prohibition, December 5, 1933

Celebrate Repeal Day & Party Like It’s 1933 at the Cruise Room

Happy Repeal Day! Today marks an important day in American history for all of you fellow libation lovers out there. It was on this day 84 years ago that prohibition was repealed after 13 long, dry years. Prohibition was a dark time for the country, and we don’t say that just because we like booze. The 18th Amendment, which was ratified on January 29, 1919, and took effect in early 1920, prohibited the manufacturing, transportation, […]

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Happy Repeal Day!

Happy Repeal Day! What better than Repeal Day, celebrating the end of prohibition, to finally post another Bottle Makes Three entry, right? Yes, it’s been quite a while since we’ve added any fun beer-adventures to our modest little beer blog. We wish that there was some amazing story to explain such a long sabbatical, but the truth is that we just got crazy busy. Though we often drink beer like it’s our job, sadly it’s […]

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