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Escaping to Fremont County and Florence Brewing Co | BottleMakesThree.com

Escape to Fremont County and Florence Brewing Company

On the way home from our recent Salida road trip, we decided to do some exploring. One of our stops was in Florence, where we checked out Florence Brewing Company. But before we made it to the brewery, we made a quick stop and did some time in Canon City at the Museum of Colorado Prisons. Read on to learn about our time behind bars, and our escape to Florence Brewing Co. Highway 50 Drive […]

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Brews, BBQs and Giant Tropical Insects

Jeff and I are not what you would call good planners.  With so many fun things to choose from each weekend, we rarely know what we’re going to do until we’re halfway there.  Case in point, it was a lazy Saturday morning a few weeks back when we had no plans and were still in our pajamas figuring out what to do.  I happened to look back over our very own event calendar, (plug!) where […]

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