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Thank Goodness It's Friday! Friday means happy hour, and happy hour means craft beer. Cheers!

Friday Fun: Nothing But TGIF

We have nothing much to say except TGIF and Happy Weekend! It’s finally here folks, it’s just about 5 o’clock on Friday. What are you still doing here reading blog posts on the internet? You should be at your local brewery enjoying some brews! Well, since you’re here we promise to keep this short so you can get started on the happy hour. We understand priorities. 

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Super Bowl XLIX Drinking Game

Call it sour grapes, but here in Denver, we’re not feeling the Super Bowl spirit this year. Since our Broncos got kicked out of the playoffs embarrassingly early, we’re still feeling a little deflated. [Insert your own clever New England #deflategate pun here.] Chris and I have family living in both cities so we’re not throwing our support behind either team. Even though we couldn’t care less who wins, we know that when this game is […]

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Thank Bottle Makes Three It’s Friday

This has been one helluva long week.  Thank goodness it’s Friday, so we can wash this week away with some cold, delicious beers. Unfortunately this has been such a crazy week that we don’t have a proper Bottle Makes Three blog post to share with you today.  Sorry, but its high time you learned that occasionally life will disappoint you  In fact, if you’re only learning that now because we don’t have some sort of awesome […]

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