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Pints for a Purpose: Save the San Juans Saturday to Support Durango Fire Relief Efforts

Durango, Colorado is a special town and very close to our heart. For the past several years we’ve been one of the many folks who make the trek to Durango every summer. Initially, our trips were all about the beer, but very quickly the visits grew into so much more. Now we visit Durango for the charm of the town itself. We love the buildings filled with history, the incredible beauty, the long list of […]

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Drinking in Durango: Our Weekend Trip to Ska Brewing's 22nd Anniversary Party | BottleMakesThree.com

Drinking in Durango: Our Trip to Ska Brewing’s 22nd Anniversary Party

Hey friends, are you as happy as we are that it’s the weekend? The past month has felt like “all work and no play” for your friends at Bottle Makes Three. We have both been pretty busy with the day jobs, but we’ve still managed to squeeze in a few adventures. For example, last weekend we escaped the daily grind long enough to squeeze in a quick trip to Durango for the Ska Anniversary Party. […]

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Ska Brewing Company’s 19th Anniversary Recap

This past Saturday Ska Brewing Company celebrated another year of being bad-ass with their 19th Anniversary Party and Brewers Invitational at their headquarters in Durango, Colorado. We love this excuse for a road trip every summer, and this party seemed like the perfect reason to hit the road. Here’s a recap of this year’s shindig, or at least what we can remember of it…

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Woodland Park Wanderings

As you may gathered by our increased posts, the past few weeks have been immensely fun and extremely busy. On Sunday morning we awoke to find that we had no plans! The family visitors were already on the road, and the calendar was blank. What a blessing! We decided to take a little time off for ourselves, and enjoy a little free time together. We took the top off the Wrangler and hit the road […]

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World of Beer: Take Two

After having such an amazing time at World of Beer last night, we left confused at 8pm, right when the party was supposed to be starting.  Trying to solve the mystery we took to Facebook, and it wasn’t pretty.  Many would-be customers were angry.  Turned away at the door, they vented and spouted hatred at World of Beer on Facebook as if WOB was a dingo that had just stolen their baby.   WOB staff faught […]

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