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Crooked Stave, and Why You Should Try Sour Beers

It’s just a few days until Thanksgiving and this year we’ve decided to pass on our typical wine pairings and enjoy some beer with our holiday meal. But not just any beer. This year we’ll be pairing several great Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project sour beers with our turkey dinner. Much like wine, these tart sours pair well with a rich, savory Thanksgiving meal. Given our love of Crooked Stave – we visited their tasting […]

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Catching Up Over Beers

Holy crap, it’s been almost three months since we’ve had a serious post.  How does that happen?  It seems like the last few months of the year are just a crazy time for us.  I know that I’m a big part of the problem, given that I’m the designated writer and my work tends to get super crazy-stressful between October and January.  Yep, blame it on work, or the holidays, or social obligations or whatever […]

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Epic Beer Festival Recap

The inaugural Epic Beer Festival is (long) behind us, and after some thoughtful contemplation (AKA time to sober up) I think it’s safe to call it a success.  At long last, here’s our recap of the Friday night and Saturday afternoon sessions that we attended: Jeff and I volunteered for the first session of the Epic Beer Fest on Friday.  Upon arriving, we were ID’d, signed our waivers, given our t-shirts and assigned a table […]

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Stoney’s Brew Crew featuring New Belgium Brewing

Stoney’s Bar & Grill is a favorite downtown hangout of ours.   Not only is it within easy walking distance from both of our offices, but the food is good, the beers are big (and 2×1 during happy hour) and the decor is Colorado at its best.   Plus, they’re responsible, being big on recycling and sustainability.   What’s not to love?   Jeff and I are there all the time for lunch, a quick bite to eat after […]

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Happy Birthday to Me Part Deux @ New Belgium Brewing

Second stop on our Fort Collins birthday weekend tour:  New Belgium Brewing Company, baby!  We were supposed to be here for my birthday last year, but a blizzard kept us away.   We scheduled this tour months ago and thankfully, the weather was perfect this time around.  Score! Our tour guide was wonderful, but sadly though we asked her name a multitude of times, I still can’t remember it.  I think it was Lisa, so we’ll […]

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