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Jameson Caskmates Great Divide Brewing Co Edition | BottleMakesThree.com

Jameson Releases Great Divide Brewing Edition of Caskmates

Synergy (noun): A state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Expressed also as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It’s no surprise that most beer drinkers enjoy whiskey and vice versa. A shot of whiskey with a beer chaser is such a common combo, it even has its own name: the Boilermaker. […]

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A look inside Laws Whiskey House of Denver, CO | BottleMakesThree.com

A Look Inside Denver’s Laws Whiskey House

Last Saturday Chris and I and several friends stopped by Laws Whiskey House to celebrate the launch of their new Wheat Whiskey. Now we don’t pretend to know much about whiskey, but we know what we like, and this was some good stuff. At the release party we enjoyed whiskey flights, a really fantastic whiskey cocktail, and received a tour of the distillery. It was the first open house event of the year for Laws […]

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Jameson Caskmates | BottleMakesThree.com

Jameson Caskmates, When Whiskey Meets Stout

Just when you thought we were finished talking about barrels, we have another barrel-filled story to get your mouth-watering. The interesting thing about these barrels is that they have some history. From whiskey to beer and back again, these barrels have had quite the adventure. These are the barrels that helped to make Jameson Caskmates.

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Jameson Announces Collaboration with 5 US Craft Breweries

On Tuesday, Jameson Irish Whiskey announced that they are expanding their collaboration program, Drinking Buddies, to include five American craft breweries. One of the collaborations we can expect to see is with Great Divide Brewing Co, who will be brewing The Smoothness, a dark lager aged in Jameson barrels. We’re really excited to try these Jameson-barrel aged beers and to watch the video series that is going to document the story of each of the […]

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Getting Frisky with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”  – Mark Twain We don’t know about too much, but now and then it’s fun to set the beer stein aside and belly up to the bar for something a bit stronger.  Recently we got just the opportunity to do that thanks to Yelp Denver and the folks over at Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.

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A Word From the Rascal about Elevated Wood

As you may know, Bottle Makes Three is the creation of Jeff + Chris + Beer.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that we’re out there on our own enjoying all this craft beer fun…  Heavens, no!  It takes a village of friends and family to have all the good times that we write about in our modest little blog.  This week, one of those friends – the White Rascal – wanted to share his own beer […]

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Reminiscing over Beers and Burgers at Pints Pub Brewery

Pints Pub holds a special place in our hearts. Jeff and I visited Pints on our first date more than 13 years ago. After meeting at happy hour, I told Jeff I was pretty new to the area and hadn’t gotten out too much. He offered to take me out on the town, and that first night out we stopped at three Denver bars. Our first stop was at Heavenly Daze, which I think was […]

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