Adios, 2019.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Tonight is the night we finally kick 2019 to the curb and welcome a fresh new year and a whole new decade, depending on what you believe. (We are Team Zero all the way, by the way… bring on the new decade NOW!)

Certainly, there’s no shortage of fun times to be had tonight, but we’ve decided to ease into this new year a bit differently. Perhaps it’s our old age and wisdom kicking in, making us more reflective. Plus the idea of partying hard on Tuesday, after working all day, just feels weird. However, if we’re being honest, we really just don’t want to start the new decade with a hangover. Who knows, maybe if we start the year off with a low-key welcome, it will be gentler to us in return. We’ll keep our fingers crossed…

We were inspired by this Kitchn article to celebrate the New Year with takeout fried chicken and champagne. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? The plan is to head out for one celebratory happy hour cocktail after work, then scurry back home before the amateur party crowd hits the bar. When the clock strikes midnight in Colorado, we’ll be celebrating on the couch in our jammies, full of Popeye’s fried chicken and Champagne. Call us old and boring if you want, but for us, it sounds like a fabulous way to welcome the new year.

Since we won’t be out in the real world, you’re all welcome to join us on the Bottle Makes Three Facebook page later tonight to celebrate together, virtually. Whether you’re laying low or partying hard, we can swap NYE selfies and toast the start of a new decade online. Ain’t technology grand?

No matter how you celebrate, BE SAFE this New Year’s Eve. Party responsibly, with your friends or family, and make sure everyone has a safe ride home. We adore all of our BMT pals and have many more beers to raise with you in the new year, so be careful out there.

Thanks for the Memories, 2019

Below are our Top 9 Instagram pics of the year, as a sampling of just a few of the fun times we had this year. There was far more fun than this, so be sure you’re following us on Instagram (@bottlemakesthree and @chris2005) to share in our adventures for the new year!

2019: You’ve been real, and you’ve been fun, but…

As much fun as we had in 2019, the year was often filled with more work than fun. We’re eager to welcome 2020 and excited for bigger and better experiences in the new year. We’re super excited about the new year and the many new adventures we’ll be sharing with you. Until then, we sincerely hope you each have a wonderful, fun-filled, spectacular, and safe New Year. We’ll see you back here next year for many more shenanigans!

Now let’s do this, 2020!