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Hello! We’re Jeff and Chris, and we love craft beer.

We built our relationship over great craft beers, quite literally. We met well before the craft beer renaissance really exploded in Colorado, yet we spent our first date tasting beers at two different local breweries. During those first few pints and the many that followed we discovered a shared passion for craft beers. You could say that beer has been the third-wheel in our relationship since the beginning.

In early 2012 we created Bottle Makes Three as a way to share our love and enthusiasm of Colorado craft beer. Our state is currently home to nearly 300 craft breweries, with more opening faster than the average beer lover can keep up! At Bottle Makes Three we want to help you navigate our incredible and diverse beer landscape. Think of us as your beer geek best friends. By following Bottle Makes Three we’ll keep you informed on all the happenings in Colorado, including new brewery openings, fun festivals and events, and all the local and national news that affects our been scene. We’ll also share with you our personal stories, tales from behind the ales, that we hope you’ll find educational and entertaining.

What if you don’t like beer? Nonsense! With such a vast assortment of beer styles and flavors, there is a beer out there for everyone, you just may not have found it yet. Until you find your perfect beer, stick around Bottle Makes Three anyway, because we often write about topics beyond beer. Occasionally we feature articles on craft spirits, distilleries, wineries, food, and more. Generally speaking, if it’s new, fun or delicious, we will want to tell you about it. Sharing is caring.

Why did we name our site Bottle Makes Three?

We got our inspiration from this awesome song, that’s why.


We created Bottle Makes Three because craft beer is our passion. We truly want nothing more than to share our great experiences and awesome adventures with anyone who wants to hear them. We do not receive any type of compensation for this website. Quite the opposite actually… good beer is expensive! Very occasionally we may receive free products, event tickets or other items to sample. Here’s our policy surrounding those sort of freebies:

Any opinion shared on Bottle Makes three is our honest opinion based on our own experiences, period. Even in the rare instances where we receive something for free, we will not let this sway our opinion. If we try out something totally awesome, we will certainly share all the details with you. However in the spirit of total transparency, we will make sure you know we’re writing about something we received for free. It’s the right thing to do, plus it’s the law.

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