Recap: Rogue Beer Dinner at The Kitchen

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a Rogue Ales beer dinner at The Kitchen. It was incredible. The food was excellent, the beer was outstanding, and the company I dined with would have only been better if Chris could have attended. Chris had to work late, so dang it, I guess it was my responsibility to represent Bottle Makes Three at this beer dinner. I definitely got the better end of that deal. Just check out this menu:

Recap: Rogue Beer Dinner at The Kitchen |

If you enjoy beer and food, and who doesn’t, then you should definitely look into attending a beer dinner. Breweries send their beer to chefs who create a menu, often of several courses, that pairs perfectly with the beer. The beer and food complement each other in unexpected ways, and your taste buds benefit. Seriously, find a beer dinner near you, and GO.

Chris is clearly the more creative member of our Bottle Makes Three team, so I won’t even try to describe for you in lurid detail how delicious everything was. Instead of words, I’ll just show you in photos:

Recap: Rogue Beer Dinner at The Kitchen |
First course: Rogue Honey Kolsch and Watercress Salad
Recap: Rogue Beer Dinner at The Kitchen |
Second Course: Marinated Tuna paired with Rogue 6 Hope IPA
Recap: Rogue Beer Dinner at The Kitchen |
3rd Course: Rogue Marionberry Braggot and Guinea Hen served with parsnip puree, asparagus & blueberry sauce
Recap: Rogue Beer Dinner at The Kitchen |
Fourth Course: Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Rogue Cold Brew IPA

Seriously, the food was even better than you can imagine by the photos, and each beer complimented the courses perfectly. It may not be a surprise to hear that my favorite Rogue Ale beer was the 6 Hop IPA, but the Marionberry Braggot was a close second. All four beers were delicious. As for food, again all of it was delicious, but the headliners for me were the Guinea Hen and the Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Amazing.

Big thanks to Rogue Ales who invited me to attend this event, and everyone at The Kitchen who were just fantastic.  I was a bit worried to be dining alone, but everyone there, especially the Rogue Ales crew, made me feel right at home. And that’s not just the beer and food talking. They were seriously so nice, informative, and shared so much about the effort and care they put into their beer that I now want to plan a trip to visit their brewery in Portland.

Next time, I’ll make Chris go. Next time, you should go. Let’s all meet up at the next beer dinner and treat ourselves with a fun night out.