#BeerItForward for American Craft Beer Week

This week marks the 12th Annual American Craft Beer Week, the nationwide celebration of U.S. small and independent craft brewers. In all 50 states you’ll find fund ACBW special events celebrating the diversity, creativity and passion of craft beer. However, if like us you can’t get out to celebrate much during the work week, don’t worry! The weekend is nearly here, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some local craft beer! Perhaps the easiest (and nicest) way to celebrate is to Beer It Forward.

About #BeerItForward

American Craft Beer Week is typically when we celebrate brewers who pour their heart and soul into making great craft beer. But this year, the Brewers Association is encouraging beer drinkers everywhere to give back to the rest of our beer community by “paying it forward” with craft beer. Simply put, Beer It Forward!

There is no beverage more social than beer. In a world that can feel really divided, getting together over a beer or two has a way of bringing folks together. When you Beer It Forward, you pass a bit of random kindness to a fellow beer lover. By simply buying someone a beer, with no expectation of anything in return, perhaps you’ll make their day brighter. Maybe they’ll then Beer It Forward to someone else. And so on…

How to #BeerItForward

It couldn’t be easier to Beer It Forward. Simply buy someone a craft beer! Maybe it’s someone you know, like a friend or colleague. Maybe it’s someone you just met at your local taproom. You could even do it anonymously by picking up a stranger’s tab at your neighborhood brewery. Buy your buddy a pint, deliver someone a fresh growler or just pop a 6-pack of your favorite local brew in their fridge. However you decide to do it, it’s super easy to Beer It Forward. Plus, doing something nice will make you feel pretty swell about yourself. It’s a win/win!

If someone Beers it Forward to you, show that you appreciate their generosity by documenting it on social media with the tag #BeerItForward. Share the love online, and keep the #BeerItForward movement going.

Find More American Craft Beer Week Events

If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate American Craft Beer Week 2017, look no further than the CraftBeer.com website. You can find plenty of events by using their ABCW Event finder. Or just use their online Brewery Finder to locate a great independent brewery near you. Then all you have left to do is get out there and celebrate craft beer! Enjoy a few pints, and don’t forget to #BeerItForward!


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