Do you like to attend fun local events?

What a coincidence, at Bottle Makes Three (BMT) we like to have fun, too! That’s why when we learn about a great festival, special beer release, or any other fun happening, we save the event to our BMT Event Page on Facebook. We’re pretty obsessive about saving everything that looks fun, especially if the event features craft beer, cider, and spirits. We use our BMT Event Page as a reference when writing about upcoming events or when someone asks us for a recommendation. However, mostly we use the page to figure out which events we want to attend so we don’t miss out on anything awesome.

Good news everyone! If you have a Facebook account you can view our BMT Event Page, too. Check it out any time you want a recommendation for something fun to do, or if you just want to see what kinds of events are on the horizon. The best and brewsiest local happenings are just a click away! Visit our BMT Event Page by clicking the image below or at

Looking for something fun to do? Do you prefer events that include great craft beer, spirits or cider? Check out our BMT Event Page on Facebook for all the best & brewsiest Colorado events!

Please know that we’re not compensated for sharing these events with you. We just love beer, love to have fun, and enjoy having all the details of what’s happening in one place for our own convenience. We add new events every few days, so check back often. If you find the page helpful, give Bottle Makes Three a ‘like’ on Facebook.

Have an event to add?

If you have details about an event that isn’t on BMT Event Page yet, let us know. Contact us with the specifics and we’ll be sure to get it added.



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