TGIF 2013 at Black Shirt Brewing (With Bonus Trip to Infinite Monkey Theorem)

TGIF! There is probably no Friday as eagerly anticipated as the first Friday after the holiday season. After all, it was back to work this week. No more holiday parties or days off. It’s back to the grind, and even with a short week, Friday couldn’t come fast enough. What better way to celebrate the first Friday of a new year then by trying out a whole new happy hour spot? Enter, Black Shirt Brewing.

Black Shirt Brewing 01042013 (3)

Our Visit to Black Shirt Brewing

Although Black Shirt Brewing has technically been around a while, they never had regular tap-room hours. You had to follow them on Facebook to know when they were open, and we could just never sync our schedule with their hours. However, Black Shirt Brewing just announced regular tap-room hours this week, so it seemed a no-brainer that this needed to be our first TGIF beer of 2013.

First impressions of the location, is when did Five Points get so damn hip? Cool restaurants, a brewery, even a winery? I wasn’t even drinking yet and I was wondering how we put the house in Castle Rock on the market for one of the cute condos we were driving by in Five Points. Oh, the thought of a ten-minute commute seems dreamy! But I digress…

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Black Shirt Brewing was pretty packed when we arrived, and we missed out on the last two bar stools. No worries, there was plenty of room to stand and make friends! There was also a food truck parked out front, but we weren’t interested in food. We came for the beer and were not disappointed. I selected a the BSB Red Ale (twice) and Jeff had both the BSB Pale Ale and the Chinook IPA. Ready for our official beer reviews? Here you go: Amazing. All the beers were really great. So much so, we took no notes and paid no mind to details. We drank, chatted with some out-of-towners from San Diego, and enjoyed happy hour. The end. But although we didn’t take any notes, we can tell you with certainty that every beer we had was wonderful. Trust us and just check them out.

One truly unique thing about Black Shirt Brewing were their serving vessels. BSB uses Offero Glassware exclusively. Not only are these glasses made to bring out the flavors and aroma of the beer, but they are also wicked awesome. I mean look at them. They are fun to drink out of, and it’s even more fun to watch drunk people try to drink out of them. Fun times!

Okay, so there you have it. We started 2013 much the same way as we ended 2012 – with a few drinks, some nice people and some tasty food. Here’s to the start of another fun year!