Did Someone Say Anniversary? Strange…

“Patty cake, patty cake with no hands,
Got me in this club making wedding plans.
If I can take pictures while you do your dance
I can make you famous on Instagram…”
Lyrics to ‘Wiggle‘ by Jason DeRulo

Strange & Random

Yes, those are lyrics from the song “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo and featuring Snoop Dogg. Apparently, it’s going to be the song of the summer, at least according to some DJ we heard on the way to work yesterday morning. By the way, if you haven’t heard the song then you’re really missing out on listening to the song that finally made Jeff and I realize that we’re old.  We heard the song and thought, really… this is what the kids are into nowadays?  Luckily we stopped ourselves before we went into a rant about how much better the music was when we were youngins; however, it was enough to make us realize we aren’t the hip youngsters we used to be.  But seriously, “patty cake, patty cake with no hands?”  Do you even know what that means, or are you old like us and need someone to spell it out for you?  It’s about making your booty clap, people.  You know, shaking your butt to make your ass cheeks clap together.  Is that really a thing, because I’m pretty sure neither of us has that particular skill.  Oh my gosh, we are old, because hearing this song and the explanation about how it’s going to be the fat-booty hit of the summer was just all too much to take in at 6 AM.  It’s downright strange.

Strange Craft Beer Company Anniversary

Speaking of things that are strange… This weekend we happened upon the 4th Anniversary Party for Strange Craft Beer Company, the brewery formerly known as Strange Brewing.  Strange had to change their moniker recently after settling a trademark dispute with a similarly named homebrew shop someplace out east.  Strange may have changed their name, but their beer is as good as ever and we popped by for a few brews on Saturday afternoon completely unaware that we were walking into their anniversary celebration.  What a happy accident!  The AM 760 Colorado Craft Beer Show crew was broadcasting their show, and A Taste of Philippines food truck was on site cooking up some tasty Filipino food.   We stuck around and enjoyed the great food and entertainment that accompanied our beers.

Strange Craft Beer Co is quickly becoming one of our favorite Denver breweries, thanks to their amazing selection of really incredible beers. Strange makes some really great IPAs and usually has more than one hoppy option (hoption?) on tap.  On this particular Saturday, we enjoyed the IPAphany IPA and the Breakfast Grapefruit IPA.  Both were fantastic!  For round two Jeff stuck with the IPAs while I had to have a glass of my hands-down favorite Strange beer, the Zora Rosemary Pale Ale. This beer is one of my favorites of all time.  It’s so good I can still distinctly remember when I had my first sip of Zora, a few summers ago at the Dillon Blues and Brews festival.  One sip and I was in love.  Zora pairs just the right amount of citrus with a definite flavor and aroma of rosemary that is perfect, not overpowering. It paired well with the Chicken Adobo and lumpias we ordered for lunch from A Taste of Philippines.  Oh, Zora, you’re just the best.

As if fabulous beer and outstanding food weren’t enough, we stuck around long enough for the Colorado Craft Beer Show raffle, and this happened:

Winner Winner at Strange 4th Anniversary
It’s like he won an academy award, only this is better, because we can drink it!

The Colorado Craft Beer Show gave out this bomber of their 3rd Anniversary beer, 99 Bottles IPA. It’s a single-hopped Amarillo IPA that they brewed at Strange Craft Beer Company. They only bottled 99 of them, hence the name. We have bottle number 79 or something like that, thanks to our talent at winning random draw raffles. I’m serious, we have a gift for being lucky in raffles and I’m damn proud of it because if you love random free shit as much as we do, this is a great skill to possess.

Colorado Plus Brewpub 1st Anniversary

As if winning a 3rd Anniversary beer at a 4th Anniversary party wasn’t enough, we had one more anniversary to attend on Saturday: The 1st Anniversary party for Colorado Plus Brewpub.

Co Plus 05172014 (3)
Cheers to Colorado Plus on their 1st Anniversary!

We arrived at Colorado Plus in Wheat Ridge late in the afternoon to find them in full party mode: the patio was packed with customers enjoying the sun and the live music, and the grill out front was smoking with some delicious-looking sausages.  Colorado Plus had a fun, summertime party vibe and although we couldn’t find a seat on the patio we sat inside where we could keep an eye on most of the action and where we could chat with the friends who joined us.

The morbidly delicious Undead Red and Dead Kaiser at Colorado Plus Brewpub.
The morbidly delicious Undead Red and Dead Kaiser at Colorado Plus Brewpub.

Colorado Plus had 16 of their own beers on tap for the celebration, plus dozens of other great Colorado beers from other breweries. Their beer list is really impressive, though they are a bit expensive if I’m being totally honest.  I was feeling a little buzzed when we arrived so I settled on something with a lower ABV, the Dead Kaiser Berliner Weisse.  It was a nice tart beer and at just over 3% it was a good choice to keep me from overdoing it.  Jeff went 180-degrees the other direction by having the Undead Red, an American Strong Ale at 8.1% ABV.  Both my Dead Kaiser and his Undead Red were very good but they paled in comparison to what came next:  The Bison Pretzel Kabobs.  Oh. My. God.  The Bison Pretzel Kabob was freaking delicious.  Skewered pretzel bites and fresh bison sausage served on a plate of Dunkel mustard and German potato salad. Yum!  I would strongly suggest you stop reading this and go there now and get this appetizer. GO!

Co Plus 05172014 (4)
This photo does not do the Bison Pretzel Kabob justice. It’s way more delicious than it may appear.

What Strange Things Did We Learn?

Still here?  Well that’s your loss, really, but thank you for sticking with us.  In case all this talk of beer and food has made you thirsty or hungry we’ll wrap this up quickly with a summary of what we learned on this weekend of Anniversary celebrations:

We learned that even though Strange has a new name after four years, their beer is still some of the best in town, no matter what you call them.

We learned that lumpias are like little Filipino spring rolls filled with delicious meat, and that we love them.

We learned that while Colorado Plus has great beer their pint prices are bit expensive; fortunately, their delectable Bison Pretzel Kabobs are priceless.

We learned that some people can actually clap their ass cheeks.  Maybe we already knew this deep inside, but didn’t want to admit it was a thing.

Finally, we learned that we’re old and we don’t understand the kiddos nowadays and their all their ass clapping music, at least not in the morning before we’ve had our Starbucks.

That’s all we learned this weekend, what about you?  Feel free to leave a comment below to share your knowledge or just tease us for being old and out of touch.  Oh, and get off our lawn!


PS:  If you didn’t enjoy this post, I suggest you read it again and this time you take a drink every time we say the word Anniversary, and a shot every time we mention ass clapping.  That should make this way more enjoyable, we promise.

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