Repeat After Us: Just Two More Days…

So we found this article that shows that time, or at least your perception of time, slows down when you’re really focused on what you’re doing.  This theory makes total sense to me, since the past few weeks my work volume has increased exponentially with special projects, impromptu changes, and additional workloads.  I feel like the last three days of work have been an eternity and that the weekend will never get here. Thankfully, while the time will pass slowly, I know it will pass.  The weekend will be here soon enough and I can almost guarantee it will pass at the speed of light.   I can also guarantee there will be lots of beer.

Things To Do This Weekend

If you’ve had a rough week too, never fear!  There are lots of great drinking opportunities this weekend. If you’re in Fort Collins, the Colorado Brewers Festival looks like a blast.   This year is the festivals 25th Anniversary and they are pulling out all the stops with a festival nearly 7 acres in size!   There will be live music on three different stages.  They’ll also have an activity area where you can climb rocks, zipline, ride a mechanical bull and more.  Of course, there are also plenty of great Colorado beers, the opportunity to “Meet the Brewer” and increase your beer knowledge at their “Beer School.”  Visit for all the details and head north for some good old Colorado fun… and beer!

If, like us, you can’t make it to Fort Collins this weekend, there’s plenty to do around town.  On Saturday, Front Range Brewing Co will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary while Renegade Brewing Company celebrates their 3rd Anniversary with a street party.  Three years of Renegade beers is a party worth celebrating, in my opinion!

New Brewery Alert!

If you’re in the mood for something new there are also at least two breweries are opening this weekend.  I say at least, because who can really keep track any more, with new places opening up seemingly every weekend?   Beryl’s Beer Co opens Saturday in Denver’s Rino neighborhood, while Fieldhouse Brewing Company will be opening up in Colorado Springs.  You have to love new brewery openings!


I don’t know about you, but thinking of all the fun we have available to us this weekend is going to (hopefully) make these next two days go by that much quicker.

If that isn’t enough to make it better just remember this:  Next week is a 4-day work week.  Yay America!