Thank Bottle Makes Three It’s Friday

This has been one helluva long week. Thank goodness it’s Friday, so we can wash this week away with some cold, delicious beers.

Unfortunately, this has been such a crazy week that we don’t have a proper Bottle Makes Three blog post to share with you today. Sorry, but its high time you learned that occasionally life will disappoint you In fact, if you’re only learning that now because we don’t have some sort of awesome beer story to share, well then you’ve had it pretty good my friend. Seriously, if being let down by this blog is the biggest problem you’ve had all week then just go the hell away, because we don’t even want to look at your smug, everything-goes-well-for-me face. Jerk.

Still here? Good. Now that all those other assholes are gone let’s have some pointless fun.

Random Silliness in Advertising

While we were way too busy to write anything of substance this week, we did find time to goof off on the world wide interwebs. After all, we have priorities, and goofing off on the internet is prettying high on our daily list of shit that needs to get done. Besides, while we were surfing the web we stumbled upon some random advertising slogan generators and said to ourselves, “Hey, Bottle Makes Three needs a slogan!” You see you should stop being all judgmental because we were working on the blog after all! 

This first advertising slogan generating site was super addictive and the results, well, they sort of speak for themselves. Here is a slide show with some of the slogans that were suggested for Bottle Makes Three. I know a slide show can be annoying but really, this one is totally worth it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just like there’s more than one way to skin a cat (eww – don’t skin cats please) there are multiple slogan generators on the web. We also really loved this site, even though their suggestions quickly got a bit dark and creepy:




Those are a little disturbing. It should go without saying but we’d prefer if you didn’t put us in the oven, on your knife, or in your mouth. Pretty please.

When all was said and done, there could only be one winner. While we really liked Thank Bottle Makes Three It’s Friday, it didn’t feature the random awesomeness, irrelevance and cat references that we were looking for in a winning slogan. Clearly this testimonial is the best slogan of the bunch:


We highly encourage that if you’re ever having a bad day, you go make some slogans of your own. I promise that you’ll get a laugh, even if you just put your own name in there like I did in the example/link below. Let us know what great slogans they come up with for you.

Next time, we’ll have a legitimate post about beers or something boozy. For now we’re off to celebrate the start of the weekend. Hope you have a great one!

Because Chris is Complicated Enough.

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