Pints for a Purpose at Two22 Brew

Denver breweries are opening so fast and frequently, we’re having a tough time keeping up. Sure it’s a good problem to have, and we’re not complaining. It just means that sometimes we can visit a brewery quickly, only to find we don’t have time to write about it. First world problems, right? That’s why a few months ago when we met friends at Denver’s new Two22 Brew, we were thrilled to get to check them out. Unfortunately, it’s taken a few months to share our visit with you. Hopefully, it’s better late than never. Just know that some of the available beers may have changed since our visit.

Two22 Brew of Centennial Colorado

Two22 Brew

There’s been a lot of discussion all these breweries opening in Colorado. Are we at the saturation point? Are we even near it? It certainly seems like you don’t have to go far to find a cold, craft beer these days. The only issue we see is that with so many breweries to check out, it takes something special to bring customers back again & again.

Two22 Brew is one of the newer breweries. They opened on – you guessed it – February 22. And you know what? They really are pretty special. The owners of Two22 are Marcus Christianson and Paige Schuster. This married couple wanted to make an impact in their community, so they found a way pair their beers with a side of philanthropy. To achieve their mission “to provide beer-lovers with a way to give charitably to local causes while drinking delicious, microbrewed beer.” they have partnered with the Schuster Family Foundation. In short, Two22 gives $2.22 of each $10 in profit to the foundation, which in turn provides charitable grants to Colorado organizations. It’s a worthy cause that helps you feel good about ordering another Two22 beer.

Two22 Brew has a beautiful taproom with a very comfortable, neighborhood hang-out type of vibe. It’s the place where you want to hang out with friends, enjoying some beers and paying a few games. In addition to their charitable donations, Two22 offers special happy hours for people who give back to the community every day. Military members get $1 off pints on Thursdays, Teachers get $1 off pints on Fridays, and everyone who helps save the earth by walking or biking to the brewery on Saturday will get $1 off, too.

Clearly, Two22 Brew has their hearts in the right place – but how is the beer? We tried a flight of five Two22 beers, tasting the APA, Session IPA, Milk Stout, Simcoe IPA and Red Cinnamon. The beers were easy drinking and good. We were a bit disappointed in the Red Cinnamon, not because it was bad, but because the cinnamon flavor was pretty well hidden in the malt. Overall, Two22 Brew makes some solid beers, and we’re sure they’ll only get better with time. We hope they continue to experiment with new and unique varieties.

Two22 (2)

Final Thoughts on Two22 Brew

You should definitely check out Two22 Brew. It’s a great addition to this Centennial neighborhood. Their friendly, family oriented business should do well here. The beers are good, and will only get better. Most importantly, Two22 should be appreciated and applauded for how they’re working to give back to the community. Just by drinking a few Two22 beers, you’re actually giving back, too. So go show them some love, have a few pints, and then pat yourself on the back for doing some good. Cheers!

Two22 Brew
4550 S. Reservoir Rd
Centennial, CO 80015

Twitter: @Two22Brew