Daddy Wants a Freaker

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It’s finally Friday! We hope your plans for tonight and this weekend include lots of gettin’ down, and some cold, delicious craft beers. Just remember, cold beers on a hot summer day can be downright slippery. Fortunately, we received a surprise box in the mail not long ago from Freaker USA, and their products were created just for this type of situation. A Freaker can help you avoid the embarrassment of moist handshakes and sweaty beverages. Hooray!

What the heck is a Freaker?

A Freaker is an amazing little bottle insulator that looks cooler on your bottle of beer than those awesome sweaters looked on Bill Cosby in the 80’s. Freakers are fun, fashionable, and they will get you noticed whether you are drinking at your local bar or at a backyard barbecue. They’re like sweaters for your saison, hoodies for your hefeweizen, condoms for your coolers. As in wine coolers, and if you’re still drinking wine coolers, then you’re in desperate need of a Freaker to cover it up. A Freaker is one-size-fits-all, so it will cover your standard beer bottle, your bomber, your fourties, and will even fit over your water bottle or a bottle of your finest wine. Which we know is probably Two-Buck Chuck, and we’re not even judging. We tested our Freakers on a variety of bottles around the house and they worked great.

Now that we’ve convinced you that Freakers are practical, let’s talk about how fabulous they look. Freakers come in a variety of fun options. You can show your school spirit with their Collegiate line, display state pride with their Greetings From collection, and their Boutique line has everything fun and freaky you can imagine. The collection is far too fantastic for us to properly describe, so go see them for yourself on the Freaker USA website. In our personal collection we especially love Vegan, which serves as our cheeseburger in paradise when hanging out with Parrotheads; Rocky, with the rad Colorado flag design, perfect when drinking local craft beers; and Baberaham Lincoln because ‘Murica rocks, y’all.

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Give Dad a Freaker for Father’s Day

Father’s day is just over a week away, and if you’ve ever forgotten or – heaven forbid – been late with a gift for your dad, you know you’ll be paying for it all year. Plan ahead and give your dad something as fun and freaky as he is – a Freaker! If you have a beer-drinking dad, this is a no-brainer. If your dad is more into wine or hooch, use a Freaker to “wrap” his favorite bottle and you’ll be the best kid ever! Freaker has a design just for your pop, called DAD, and to celebrate Father’s Day you can get the DAD Freaker for 40% from now until June 17th by using the promo code DADBOD at checkout. Your dad will appreciate that you saved a few bucks, and with that savings you can get a DAD Freaker for yourself. Besides, you know you want one of these Dad bods on your brew!

Image courtesy of Freaker USA

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The fine folks at Freaker USA sent us a free box of their products to review, but that not why we are spewing their awesomeness on you. The opinions above are 100% our own based on our experience with their products. This is not a sponsored post, and we don’t get anything in return if you make a purchase at Freaker USA. We think Freakers are truly cool and hope you do, too.

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