Thirsty Throwback Thursday

An Autumn Maple, under our own autumn maple (tree) |

Autumn has finally arrived in Colorado! It’s not that we’re complaining about the sunny, 80-degree weather that we enjoyed last weekend. It’s just that we’re ready to put away the shorts and get into some sweater weather. Ideally, we’d like to do that before the snow arrives, you know, if that’s not too much to ask. Now that the temperature has finally dropped a bit, if the rain would just leave town then we’d be ready to celebrate the season.

We just may spend our Thirsty Thursday sitting beneath the autumn blaze maple tree in our front yard, drinking our Autumn Maple beer from The Bruery. It seems so perfectly fitting for this time of year, and we don’t even care what the neighbors think of us drinking in the front yard, because THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

Throwing it Back to Pagosa Springs

That’s really all we have for this week. Yes, we know, we’ve been off the radar all week long. It’s only because we’ve been so hard at work. No really! That’s not even the set up for a joke, which in itself is pretty sad. We’ve been all work and hardly any play this week, so cut us some slack.

To make up for it, why not reminisce about a time when we were having fun? For Throwback Thursday we invite you to revisiting this old post from September 2014 when we visited Pagosa Springs. For some reason it’s always one of our top posts, so clearly it’s a crowd favorite. Let’s all look back and enjoy!

Have a happy Thirsty Throwback Thursday, y’all!

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