It’s Been a Minute

Hello, friends. Remember us?

It’s been awfully quiet here on our little corner of the internet. Has it really been two months? To be clear, we didn’t plan on taking a break. But with so much happening, it seemed like a good idea to take a big step back and accept the unexpected sabbatical. Besides, there are just some things in life more important than beer. Like health, safety, equality, and justice. You know, all those basic human things. They are way more important than the latest IPA, ya know?

We joke, but the truth is, it’s difficult to write a lighthearted blog about beer and fun times when the world is such a hot mess. Since we try to keep Bottle Makes Three a drama-free zone, we decided to keep this little corner of the internet quiet to keep the focus on the voices that most needed to be heard. Even if we had been trying to keep up with the current state of beer, it would’ve been nearly impossible. Things were (and still are) changing too fast. We can’t keep up. So we pressed pause on the blog for a minute (ahem: two months) to process everything and take a breath.

But rest assured, while it’s been a minute since you heard from us, we’re still here. And after a good long break, we’re ready to get back to work talking about beer, exploring our surroundings, and having some fun. Even when the world is a hot mess. ESPECIALLY when the world is a hot mess. What the world needs now is… definitely too complicated for us to tackle. But what we all need occasionally is a fun, light-hearted distraction. That’s where we hope we can help. It’s not much, but it’s what we’ve got to offer.

We’re nothing if not distracting.

We’re back, baby.

Consider that your warning.

Also, please be patient and kind with us while we get back to things.

We don’t really know what being “back” really means just yet. Like, back to what? Certainly, we’re not back to normal, pre-COVID-19 stories. The world we thought we knew is gone, at least for now. But we still have plenty of stories to tell, and we’re happy to figure it out as we go. We hope you come along for the ride. 

The world really is weird right now.

Seriously, could you have guessed at the start of 2020 where we’d all be today? WEIRD is about the best adjective we can think of to describe this year. Horrible at times, for sure. But even on the best of days, things are just weird. But you know what? That’s okay. We can handle weird. We understand weird. WE ARE WEIRD. So yeah, we’ll be fine. We’re doing fine.

Everything is fine. 

Everything is Probably Going to Be Fine | by Mick Theebs | Student ...

So, How You Doin?

Okay, now you know we are alive and mostly fine. So, how are you? 

Have you been out in the world? It’s so weird, right? 

Did you gain the quarantine-15, too? No, just us? Cool. Cool cool cool. 

Do you have thoughts on what we should write about next? What stories do you want to see? Do tell. Share your thoughts and whatnot in the comments below. Or just say hi and let us know you’re still out there. We’ve missed you and would love to hear that you’re doing well. 

We love you all. See you soon.

Same, Ogden Theater. Same.