It’s Friday and We’re In Love…. with Arvada Beer Company

Today was full of surprises.  We started the night with a BBQ class we took because of a great Groupon offer.  The class at Ruff’s Barbecue Shoppe was great.  Not only did we learn a lot, but after the class, we got to grub on a seriously amazing barbecue dinner!  We really hadn’t planned on a full dinner being included with our class, so at 7 pm when we were finished, we were ready for some cold brews to wash it all down.

I don’t even know how exactly we ended up in Olde Town Arvada, but that doesn’t even matter.  What matters is how the hell have I never been here before?  Olde Town is super charming; with a historic yep hip feel.   We walked up and down the few blocks that make up Olde Town, and wanted to visit every little restaurant and bar we passed.  But we were on a mission for beer and were looking for one place in particular – Arvada Beer Company.

Arvada Beer Company

Arvada Beer Company really feels like the anchor of Olde Town Arvada.  The building they reside in was built in 1916, and is completely renovated and perfect for a friendly neighborhood brewery.  The place was so comfortable and inviting, full of friends connecting and families out to celebrate the end of the week.   To help inspire conversation they don’t play loud music, and they only have 2 TVs in the bar.  It’s my kind of place, and there seemed to be many others who felt the same.

I started with the Ralston’s Golden Lager, a light American Ale.  It had a light golden color, with very light hop aroma and light carbonation.  It was very smooth, dry, and easily could have been my session beer for the night.  Jeff started with the Coal Car Cascadian IPA.  It was a Black IPA and had a little bit of a coffee flavor along with the strong hop aroma and bitterness.  He loved it!

As we were enjoying our first round, they decided to give a little tour of their brewing system.   It was really spontaneous and we were quick to sign up!   The brewing operation is fairly small, so we gathered in the brewing room and heard about their history, their beers, and the brewing process.  I’d tell you all about it, but instead, you should go check it out for yourself.  And I’m not just saying that because I had a few beers and forgot a lot of what was said.  Really.

What I do remember hearing on the tour was that I should try the McIver Maibock!   I’m glad I did, the beer was also amazing.  A little hoppier (and stronger) than the Ralston’s, this was my favorite of the night.  I don’t think it’s in regular rotation, but it should be.    Jeff’s second beer was their other IPA, the Goldline IPA.   It was a really great, traditional India Pale Ale, with a strong hop and citrus flavor.  All and all, we had no bad beers at Arvada Beer Company.

A few more fun facts about Arvada Beer Company:

  1. They were fermenting a cherry wheat when we were there.  Seriously – yum.  I need to go back again soon just to try that beer.
  2. They don’t serve food, but you can get take-out or delivery from a number of places nearby.  In fact, just down a back hall you’ll find Manneken Frites, a seriously delicious restaurant that serves authentic Belgian frites (aka French fries) and hot dogs.   Order your frites from Manneken Frites and tell them you’re in the brewery, and they bring them over to you all hot and tasty, with your choice from a variety of dipping sauces.  We weren’t even hungry during our visit but saw so many of these flying into the bar that we had to try them for ourselves.  They were delightful.
  3. If you’re not in the mood for frites, there’s a pretty outstanding ice cream and candy shop next door called Scrumptious.  You can’t go in there just to browse and not come out with some fun, retro, or hip sweet treat.  I dare you.

Clearly, we loved Arvada Beer Company.  We loved it so much that as we were enjoying our beers we were scheming about how to move to Olde Town Arvada so this could be our home bar.   If that doesn’t say something about the place, then I don’t know what does.  Go see for yourself.