Rainy Days and Renegades

Here’s a fun fact about Jeff and me: We live 33 miles outside of Denver, but we both work downtown. With Denver traffic this is not ideal, to say the least. The only nice part is that we work within a few blocks of one another, so although the commute is horrible, at least we get to spend time together. I guess it’s true: misery really does love company. I only bring up this fact so that you’ll understand why when a rainstorm hit during rush hour on Thursday, we decided it was a sign for us to have a little impromptu happy hour downtown. Why spent hours in traffic, when you can relax, have a few beers, and wait out the storm?

Rainy Day = Excuse to Visit Renegade Brewing Company

We decided to stop at one of Jeff’s favorite breweries, Renegade Brewing Company. Seriously, if it’s possible for a man to have a man-crush on a beer establishment, that’s how Jeff feels about Renegade Brewing. He loves the place so much that it’s surprising that in the three months since we started this little beer blog we haven’t visited Renegade yet. Fortunately, when the skies opened up and traffic stopped on this fateful day, we were in the neighborhood.

Renegade is Jeff’s dream come true brewery. Great beers served by good people who started as home brewers just like us. Okay, maybe not just like us… they clearly have more skills and drive than we do. (Case in point: they started a brewery, we started a blog.) Since they opened they’ve been wildly successful, which is why after just about a year of operating they’re already looking to expand. They’re a great success story for every homebrewer who wants to dream big.


The beers at Renegade are great, providing you’re not afraid of some aggressive beers. Case in point: Jeff’s first brew was the Elevation Triple IPA, which was hop insanity if you ask me! The hop aroma alone was almost too much for me, but I never turn down a taste and gave it a try. Holy hop bitterness! At 100 IBU’s, one sip was plenty for me, but Jeff was in heaven! Not only was the Elevation Triple IPA off the charts in hop flavor and aroma, but it also packed a punch with an 11.2% ABV. Clearly, Renegade doesn’t make sissy beers. As good as it was, Jeff moved on to the Ryeteous Rye IPA for round two. Ryeteous Rye is his favorite Renegade brew, so he couldn’t leave without a pint. As for me, I stuck with the Red I. At 54 IBUs this Red IPA had just enough bitterness for me, with a really balanced flavor. Dee-lish.

So thanks to Renegade we avoided the daily gridlock and enjoyed some great beers. Win/Win.