Drinking on School Nights: Lone Tree Brewing & Rockyard Brewing

This week we broke one of our self-imposed rules and went out for a few beers during the week. Usually, we need weekdays days to recover from our brewery stops on weekends, but not this week. We managed to visit two of our tried and true local breweries for some school night drinking this week. We stopped by Lone Tree Brewing Company and Rockyard Brewing Company.

Lone Tree Brewing Company

We stopped at Lone Tree Brewing Company to meet-up with some friends. The Lone Tree folks are great, and even let Jeff into the brewery to check things out. It was a nice chance for him to pretend he was a big-time brewer. He looks pretty good back there, am I right? Keep perfecting that homebrew mister… maybe one day that can be you!

We enjoyed a new Lone Tree Brewing Company brew during our visit: the Hampton Harbor Mild. It was dark but very mild. It was the perfect beer to toast the end of the workday.

Rockyard Brewing Co

Rockyard Brewing is near our home, so it was really just a dinner stop. In fact, I didn’t even have a brew of my own, though I did sample his. Jeff was finally able to try the Diesel Double IPA that he’s been craving for a while. It was a bit too bitter for me, but Jeff thought it was as good as they get. I’ll take his word for it, he’s serious about his hops.

That’s all for this time. Hope you’re having a great week, too.