I Know This Much is TRVE

What do you get when you mix great beer and heavy metal and put it all in a super-cool new taproom on South Broadway? You get TRVE Brewing, one of Denver’s newest breweries. TRVE Brewing (which is pronounced “True” by the way) opened on Wednesday, June 27th. We stopped by on the first Friday after they opened to check them out.

Inside TRVE Brewing

TRVE Brewing has a decent sized taproom, but the brewery itself is pretty small. Currently, TRVE has a 3-barrel system, but size really doesn’t matter when it comes to making great craft beer. When we stopped by TRVE Brewing they had 4 beers on tap, and we tried them all. Because, why wouldn’t we?

The taproom is long and narrow, with a smallish bar and a long community-style table. Inside the walls are dark and the colors are mostly blacks and grey. The music is definitely all metal, all the time, but it’s not so loud that you can tune it out if you’re not into that sort of thing. It seems perfect for the surroundings.

The Wanderlust Belgian-American Pale was my favorite. It was perfectly balanced and nicely hopped. Jeff, who likes his beer like he likes his women – bitter – found his favorite TRVE beer in the Tunnel of Trees IPA. The Black Cascade IPA was also very good. We both enjoyed it, and it’s jet-black color seemed the most appropriate for a heavy metal inspired brewery. The only beer we weren’t certain about was the Prehistoric Dog Salted Wheat. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, or maybe we just aren’t a fan of this German-inspired style. Made with Hawaiian black lava salt and coriander, the Prehistoric Dog tasted a bit too much like salt water for us. But hey, like TRVE Brewing itself, you definitely can’t call it bland or boring.

Overall, TRVE Brewing is a great addition to the Denver beer scene. We especially love that it’s on our way home from work. That, plus the great beers and kick-ass music, means we’ll visit them often.

to the brewery scene in Denver, and given that it’s on our way home, I’m sure we’ll visit them again and again. You should visit them, too. Oh, and when you do, make sure you stop for a snack at Sugar Bakeshop just a few doors down. Natalie at Sugar Bakeshop is awesome and will hook you up with something tasty to pair with your TRVE brews. Everybody knows that beer + baked goods = heaven. Trust us on this.


P.S. Did we just title a story about a heavy metal brewery with a Spandau Ballet song reference? Hell yeah, we did. We’re bad-asses that way. Deal with it.