Fort Collins Part 3: Odell Brewing Company

If you are looking for great Colorado craft beer, Fort Collins has more than enough great spots to get your fix. During our day in Fort Collins we had already visited New Belgium Brewing and Fort Collins Brewery. Last but not least, we made a stop at Odell Brewing Company.

Odell Brewing Co

Odell Brewing Co has a long history of making great Colorado craft beer. They were founded in 1989 just a few blocks away from their current location. They have a large brewery with plenty of open space around. It’s really beautiful. the quirky little bike racks shaped like hops were freaking adorable.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get quite the same warm welcome at Odell as we did at the other Fort Collins breweries we visited. We would have loved to sit at the bar and chat up the staff to learn more about the place. Unfortunately, Odell Brewing isn’t set up that way. It’s a very efficient operation: You wait in one of two lines for a cashier, tell them what you like, and then go down the bar to pick up your drinks. It all felt much more like a Starbucks than it did a craft brewery. We weren’t big fans of the setup.

We both opted for some 10-ounce pours: a Levity Amber Ale for me, and an Odell Brewing IPA for Jeff. The beers were great, seriously. But again, the whole process was a little weird. We would have loved trying something new, but were so confused by the order process we just went with safe choices. On the upside, the beers were really fantastic, as we knew they would be. On the downside, a tour group of people showed up before we could order a second round, and we didn’t want to face that line again.

It’s a bit of a bummer we didn’t try something new, but c’est la vie. I guess now we have an excuse to visit again. Next time we’ll plan ahead, maybe take a tour, and definitely plan to stay longer for more beers.

Odell Brewing Company is a great Colorado craft brewery. They make awesome beers and are worth a visit. We hit them at a busy time when things were a bit crazy, but we still had a great time and some excellent beers. Go check them out for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed. Get all the info about Odell’s beers and brewery at

Odell Brewing Co
800 East Lincoln Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524