Good Times at the G’Knight Ride

Beer and bikes are two of our favorite things, so we were excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual G’Knight Ride in Longmont. Festivities started at Prospect Park in Longmont, and the entire event was sponsored by Oskar Blues Brewing Company and presented by Bicycle Longmont.

Oskar Blues G’Knight Ride

This was the first ride of the summer for us, so we were a bit apprehensive about doing the full 10-mile ride. Fortunately, the G’Knight ride offered two other courses. There was a one-mile course for the little tykes on bikes, and a 3-mile fun ride. We could have done the 10-mile, but that seemed like it would cut into our Oskar Blue beer time. We settled on the easy-peasy 3-mile ride.

As it turned out, we shouldn’t have wussed out on the 10-mile ride. The 3-mile, which followed the same starting course, was almost too easy. We rode it and then kept on riding, clocking 6 miles before we even stopped for a water break. Unlike what we bike on back home, these roads are mostly flat and easy-going. Next time we’ll do the 10-mile ride for sure.

Post-Ride Fun

The shorter ride offered one big perk: We were back in Prospect Park before the masses, so there were no lines between us and some cold cans of great Oskar Blues beer. We enjoyed a few cans of G’Knight Imperial Red and Mama’s Little Yella Pils. The ride left us a little hungry, so we snagged a burger for lunch from the Oskar Blues Bonewagon. I don’t know if it was the ride that made us so hungry, but damn, those were some damn delicious burgers. Is there anything Oskar Blues can’t do well?

The party at Prospect Park was fun. There were several great bands, lots of food trucks, and of course, plenty of Oskar Blues beer. We hung out a while after the ride and enjoyed the festivities and the beautiful weather. Before it got too late, we decided to take one more bike ride – this time to the Tasty Weasel Tap Room.

We last visited the Tasty Weasel back in March for our first-ever Bottle Makes Three post. Wow, things have changed since just a few months ago! The tap-room is fully remodeled on the inside and now has a big, beautiful patio outside. We sat on the patio and enjoyed our beers with all the other bikers who took a similar detour. In the end, we clocked more than 10-miles, despite taking the short course. Apparently, if you put great craft beer at the end of a ride, we could ride just about anywhere.

Dinner at Homemade Liquids and Solids

Before we knew it the sun was setting. We rode back to the car and put away the bikes before heading to dinner. Keeping with the Oskar Blues theme, we went to Homemade Liquids and Solids. We shared a veggie pizza, which was AMAZING. Honestly, we were surprised that a place that seems to specialize in Cajun and BBQ could make such a tasty veggie meal. Seriously, Oskar Blues can do anything!

As luck would have it, the party was just getting started at Homemade Liquids and Solids right when we were heading out. We could hear some kick-ass blues music start around 10 p.m. Unfortunately we were just too spent from the day’s activities to hang out. It was hard to say goodbye, but we did it anyhow and called it a night.

The G’Knight Ride was a great time, full of outdoor fun, great music, and delicious Oskar Blues beer and food. Over 2000 people took place in the ride, and it was a total blast. We will definitely plan on doing this again! Next time we’ll do the full 10 miles. That is unless the Tasty Weasel sucks us in…

Thanks for a great time Oskar Blues.