Catching Up with Old Friends

Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and especially if that fun involves some delicious craft brews. We visited several Colorado breweries over the last two weeks and haven’t had much time to spare to write about them. To rectify things as quickly and efficiently as possible, here’s a quick recap of the places we’ve gone and the great beers we’ve sampled.

All The Beers We’ve Loved Recently

Strange Craft Brewery

On Friday 7/6 we spent happy hour visiting a few of our favorite Denver breweries with our friend Jon. We started at Strange Brewing Company, where at long last we decided to try ALL their beers by getting their beer flight. Offering 10 tasters for $14 is a steal, especially when they’re all as delicious as these Strange brews. Though I can’t say there was a bad beer in the bunch, we were not big fans of the gluten-free beer. I think it’s awesome they brew it as I have friends with gluten allergies and know it can be rough. Apparently, this beer was born because the wife of one of the co-founder has celiac disease, so I love that they brew it for her and others with similar conditions, but it’s just not for me. I’m a big fan of the gluten apparently! Favorites that stood out enough for us to order full pints were IPAphany IPA, the Strange Wit, and the Zora Rosemary Pale Ale. I love, love, love that Zora beer!

Wit’s End Brewing Company

After Strange Brewing Company, we dropped by to visit our friends at Wit’s End Brewing Company. They may not know us from Adam, but we sure feel like we’re friends because they’re always so warm and welcoming when we visit. We settled in for a few pints of Jean-Claude Van Blond and Green Man Ale and chatted up the staff for well past closing time. I have a feeling if we didn’t realize we had stayed longer than we should have they’d have let us stay most the night. Scott, owner and brewer at Wit’s End, was cool and patient enough to give us a little lesson on how to move our homebrew from bottle conditioning to kegs. Yes, my friends, this is one of the friendliest breweries in town. We definitely need to stop by and show them some love more often.

Dry Dock Brewing Company

Tuesday 7/17 was spent at Dry Dock Brewing Company celebrating the birthday of our very own ShawnyB! We enjoyed the company of lots of friends, devoured some wings from The Wing Hut, and had some extremely decadent chocolate cake to celebrate his big day. Oh, and did I forget to mention beer? We had two of the newer Dry Dock brews – the Rye Pale Ale and the Carter’s Copper Ale. The Rye was Jeff’s choice and was good, more lightly hopped than he prefers but also not quite as strong as the Double IPA which made it perfect for a midweek night out. I had the Carter’s Copper Ale which was de-freaking-lightful. It was a beautiful, clear copper color and a refreshingly light and slightly malty sweet flavor. I think I need to get back for a growler before that beer is out to sea…