Damn Fine Beer at Dillon Dam Brewery

Everyone knows the Rocky Mountains for our cozy mountain towns and all the skiing, snowboarding and fun winter activities they offer. But when you live in Colorado there isn’t anything better than heading up in the summertime to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, cooler air, and laid-back attitudes. This weekend we’re headed for a few days tucked away in a beautiful cabin in Blue River, just outside the city of Breckenridge. Not only will this give us some much-needed R&R, but it just so happens we planned our trip to coincide with the Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival. Funny how that happens, huh?

Dillon Dam Brewery

On the way to Breckenridge on Friday afternoon we made a pit stop in Dillon for happy hour at a brewery we didn’t get to visit last time we were in town — Dillon Dam Brewery. The first impression is that this place is BIG, both in stature and in popularity with the locals. At 5 pm on Friday, this place was hoppin’! We snagged the last available table in the bar and watched the dining room fill up quick. Service was still fast and friendly, and the steady inflow of patrons served to let us know we’d found a good place.

Since it was happy hour, we quickly decided on beers all around! Jeff stuck with a few pints, which was the wise choice given they’re $2.50 during happy hour. The Lenawee IPA he had was great, but his second glass, the Dam Straight Lager, was his favorite. Delish! I, on the other hand, was indecisive so I went for 4 tasters: The Dam Straight Lager, Extra Pale Ale, Sweet George’s Brown and McLuhr’s Irish Stout. All were medal winners, and all were heavenly! The favorite was definitely Sweet George’s Brown. This beer is creamy and rich, with a sweet finish. Yum!

Dillon Dam Brewery doesn’t just make good beer, but they make some really fine food, too! We were immediately drawn to the pretzels and homemade mustard because, who wouldn’t be? Pretzels are the ultimate beer food, and mustard – don’t even get me started. I LOVE me some good, homemade beer mustard and this stuff was really tasty. We added the Asiago Ale dip, which we highly recommend for you queso lovers out there. Not only is it a delightful cheese dip, but with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and imported Asiago, it’s about the best cheese dip you can get. Although we only had the pretzels, we saw lots of plates being served all around us and everything looks absolutely fabulous. Next time we’re going to show up a lot hungrier.

So we know it’s a cliché, but this is a Dam good brewery! Dam great beer, Dam good food, in a fun and friendly Dam bar. We are big fans, and will visit again next time we’re in town.

To see more pictures of our trips Dillon Dam Brewery, as well as our other beer adventures, visit our Flickr page HERE!