A Word From the Rascal about Elevated Wood

As you may know, Bottle Makes Three is the creation of Jeff + Chris + Beer.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that we’re out there on our own enjoying all this craft beer fun…  Heavens, no!  It takes a village of friends and family to have all the good times that we write about in our modest little blog.  This week, one of those friends – the White Rascal – wanted to share his own beer rants and ramblings.  Here’s our first guest post from our very own Mr. Rascal.  Enjoy!

Ahoj, guten tag, assalamou alykoum, hola, xin chào, how do you do…hello.

((touches the tips of fingers to forehead, palm facing outward, moving hand away from forehead in a saluting motion))

Checking in from homestead de rascal. Captain Pablo is on my feet, and they are falling asleep. so is he, lazy ass dog.  good boy. nice sleep mask.


Today is Sunday.  I know that because my iPhone told me to change my furnace filter on Saturday, and I did just that yesterday, so…there you go. proof.

Today is a very special day. I have opened the bomber of Elevated Wood that I received as a present from Mr. and Mrs. Bottle Makes Three themselves way back in 2012.  I have had it in the wine (!) cooler since then. kept at a steady 54 degrees.  that’s fahrenheit, folks. I don’t know but I’ve been told, you don’t wanna keep your wood too cold…USA! USA! USA!

Anyway, I am drinking it for no particular reason, which in itself is kind of a particular reason…at least that is what Pablo says… I trust his judgment.

I trust it because, when drinking beer, Pablo uses words like “nose”, “flavor notes” and “mouth feel” to describe what he is experiencing. I use words like “huh”, and “that’s” and “pretty tasty.”  of course, I have to open his canned food for him, since he doesn’t know how to use an electric can opener, so we are pretty even, intellectually…

The point is, Elevated Wood is really good.  what it is, is Renegade Brewing in Denver, Colorado (303 REPRESENT!) takes their Elevation (3x) IPA, sticks that mother in a barrel previously inhabited by bourbon, sits on their thumbs for 6 months, then opens the barrel back up, puts “wood” in the name (see, barrels are made of wood, Johnny….nevermind) and then serves it to people who pay them money for it. 

Elevated Wood

What happens is, while inside the (wood) barrel, the Elevation (3x) IPA sits and soaks up the bourbon that some lazy slob neglected to remove and drink in the first place (i think that’s how it works) and becomes a whole new beer. like a Clark Kent/Superman thing.

For those having trouble following:

Elevation (3x) IPA = Clark Kent (11% ABV)

(Wood) barrel = phone booth

Elevated Wood =  Superman (13% ABV)

So you can see it is clearly superior after it gets out of the phone booth…barrel…whatever…it has super strength and is more ruggedly handsome…

The point is, I have now had 2 full whiskey (bourbon?) glasses full of this glorious liquid and am feeling a little happy…

Post Script – today is now Thursday… I forgot to send this in. missed my deadline….you will lose 3 to 4 days when drinking the wood, so I suggest drinking on Monday, cause then the work week will fly by…

Elevated Wood is good. I’d drink more if I could. dig it, understood?

peace, love, anarchy…

Rascal, out