Beer My Valentine

It’s Friday and it’s Valentine’s Day. Queue up the Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” and celebrate with the one you love…. BEER.

How To Beer Your Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day Jeff and I have decided to stay in, cook up some penne with homemade vodka sauce, and maybe even crack open that acrylic painting kit I got for Christmas (2012) that’s been collecting dust. Yessiree, it’s going to be a romantic night of penne & painting for us, maybe paired with a little wine and definitely accompanied by some delicious beer In fact as unromantic as it sounds, we’ll probably pop open the bomber of Iron Horse Brewery’s Mocha Death that we smuggled back from Washington.  With notes of cocoa and mocha, it seems like the perfect beer for Valentine’s Day, despite the ominous name.

Valentine prep at the BMT house includes a little food, and a lot of booze!
Valentine prep at the BMT house includes a little food, and a lot of booze!

Finding the Right Beer for Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t already gotten a Valentine’s Day gift for the beer lover in your life, we have some beers that seem perfectly suited for this day of love. Why beer? WHY NOT! After all, some beers are said to be aphrodisiacs, and studies have even shown that beer can be good for your heart. Plus its beer… what more reason do you need to include it in your holiday? If the love of your life is a beer nerd like us, they’ll be happy to get 12 long-neck bottes of red ale over 12 long-stemmed red roses any day. For those special (aka awesome) individuals, we have a few ideas for your Valentine’s Day beer drinking…

My kind of Valentine!
My kind of Valentine!

The obvious choice for Valentine’s Day is chocolate beer. After all, nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate, and who wants a heart-shaped box of mystery chocolates anyway? It’s like Momma used to say, “…you never know what you’re gonna get,” and many of those chocolates are filled with pure ickyness. Don’t risk biting into something nasty – fill your glass with a delicious chocolate brew instead. Our current favorite is Shake Chocolate Porter by Boulder Beer Company. Talk about love… I love this beer! Shake is aptly named because it tastes like a chocolate shake with notes of vanilla and caramel. It’s dessert in a glass. Another favorite is the Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout from Odell Brewing. Like Shake, you can expect Lugene to have a nice cocoa base but with a slightly more malted milk flavor to accompany the sweetness.  Finally, if you love chocolate but want something a little spicier (nudge-nudge, wink-wink, know what i mean?) you could stop by Copper Kettle Brewing for their gold medal winning Mexican Chocolate Stout. Be warned, this bittersweet chocolate ale has a spicy kick! The spice comes from Copper Kettle’s blend of cinnamon and Mexican chile peppers. This beer will bring the heat for Valentine’s day for you and your amor.

Shake by Boulder Beer. Chocolatey delicious love in a glass!
Shake by Boulder Beer. Chocolatey delicious love in a glass!

Special Releases for Your Valentine’s Day

If you’re in the heart of Colorado beer country like we are, there are surely several special Valentine’s brews to be found around town. Dry Dock Brewing will celebrate this lover’s holiday with a Friday Frikin of ChRAZzy Porter — a porter made with Ghiradelli Chocolates and Raspberries. YUM! In Castle Rock, Rockyard Brewing’s Jellyman’s Deviation beer for Valentine’s Day is From Hell With Love — a blood-red colored tart Belgian Bier de Garde that is advertised as “not for the faint of heart.” I wish we were up north in Fort Collins tonight because if we were we’d be visiting Pateros Creek Brewing for their Love Porter #9. While we’ve never sampled it, this chocolate covered strawberry porter sounds delightful! I’m sure there are many other local breweries making special beers for the customers they love tonight, so check with your favorite to see what’s on tap.

Photo Feb 13, 6 51 37 PM

Non Valentine-y Valentine’s Beers

Finally, if you find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day never fear, beer will still be there for you. Beer doesn’t abandon you when you’re alone; beer understands you. If you’re looking for something cold and bitter (like your Ex) try a Dry Dock Brewing Hop Abomination. This double IPA is a big favorite of ours for its big hop aroma and flavor. If you really want to forget your troubles, seek out the Hercules Double IPA from Great Divide. Hercules is aggressively hopped from start to finish, and at 10% ABV you won’t be feeling any pain after you toss back a couple. Just put away the phone to avoid drunk texting your ex. Trust me on this one.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Regardless of how you spend your Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s a good one. Instead of just mindlessly buying chocolate and flowers, think outside of the box to really show your special beer-loving someone how much you care. With a little effort and a few beers, you’re sure to have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. (wink-wink, nudge-nudge)

Cheers and XOXO,

Bottle Makes Three


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