Out of the Fire and Into the Kettle: Station 26 Brewing Co

Where in Denver can you belly up to a pole and drink a few beers, all while being surrounded by cute babes? Easy there sailor, get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about Station 26 Brewing Co.

Station 26 Brewing Co

Station 26 Brewing Co is a brewery inside a former fire station, and they pay homage to their roots by decorating with accents in fire engine red, keeping the fire-station roll doors along the front, and of course, with those classic firehouse poles. It doesn’t take much to imagine the fire trucks pulling in, just on the other side of those poles. But where the fire trucks used to park now stands shiny silver fermenters and brew kettles. It’s a beautiful brewery and you’re literally drinking inside of it when you visit their tap-room. Oddly, on a Sunday afternoon at Station 26, we probably saw more babies than we’d ever seen in any other brewery, ever. There were cute babies all around! Maybe it’s the firehouse theme, or maybe it’s because we’re in the heart of Stapleton where young Denver couples move, pop out kiddos, and then go to breweries to reconnect to their still-single friends. Whatever it was, it was baby central. I guess mommies need beers too.

 Station 26 Brewing (12)

During our visit we did a flight of all 8 beers they had on tap and at least 7 of them we’d have again. The New Word Bitter was fan-flipping-tastic. It was an ESB style beer that was full of flavor and had a nice balance of malts and hops… it was my favorite at first sip. Yum! The next favorite was the Belgian-American Pale Ale, with a definite grapefruit aroma and flavor up front and a clove finish that Jeff really dug. Rounding out the list, the IPA #1 and Double IPA were both good, aggressively hopped IPAs. The Brown was great too; pouring so dark it looked just like a Stout, but with a smooth and light nutty flavor. Speaking of the Stout, it’s a Session Stout, at only 4.1%, so it was not as heavy as most Stouts. It was a beer you could drink all day. The only beer that didn’t really win us over was the Cherrywood-Smoked Golden, as neither of us are big fans of smoked beers. The beer smells awesome and seems fitting for a firehouse-turned-brewery; it just wasn’t our favorite style. All the rest of their brews were awesome.


Station 26 Brewing (2)

Do you know what else was awesome at Station 26 Brewing Co? Their furniture! Yeah, it’s crazy, but I fell hard in love with the tables at this place. I love them so much I want to purchase or steal one for my home. They are industrial and rustic, made of steel and reclaimed boxcar flooring, and they are simply lovely and I desperately want one in my dining room. We briefly talked to Justin, the owner of Station 26, and did we chat about beer? Hell no… we talked about those tables and who made them for him! (Turns out they were commissioned to Fin Art Co, FYI. More than likely outside our budget.) These amazing tables blend into the rest of the decor to make for a modern and industrial, yet totally comfortable, place to enjoy some beers. Check out the slideshow below to see the table I covet and all of our other photos from Station 26.


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There is no food at Station 26, except maybe a few pretzels if you’re lucky. Food trucks are often on site, but if you happen to visit on a day without them they have delivery menus available. Better yet, take this suggestion just from us: get some to-go food from the Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl restaurant just a few blocks down Quebec. You won’t be disappointed.

In summary, we both loved Station 26 Brewing Co and although it’s about an hour away from home, we promise to be back. In the summer, when they roll up those doors and open up to their huge patio area, we’ll be there… drinking their delicious beers and plotting to sneak out with a table.

Until next time, when we may be arrested for grand-theft furniture…