2016 Denver Winter Brew Fest Preview

We don’t know about you, but this year has been entirely too busy. It seems like just yesterday we were toasting the start of 2016, and now we’re more than halfway through the first month with little to show for it. It’s a shame too because we were so excited to start the new year off fresh, but so far all we’ve done is work, not win the Powerball jackpot, and work some more. Okay, maybe we’ve fit in a bit of fun. Last weekend we visited Cerebral Brewing, and we seriously cannot wait to tell you about that. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to write a proper post about it today, because guess why? Work!

One of these days someone will see the genius of our beer writing for what it is, and throw money at us to just drink and write about it, all day, every day. Don’t believe me? Well, it’s not as far-fetched as winning the Powerball. Until that day arrives, we will continue to slave away for “the man” all week long, but come Friday we shut it down, and celebrate the weekend, and enjoy every minute of our two days of freedom. This Friday we’re kicking the weekend off right with our first beer festival of 2016: the Denver Winter Brew Fest.

Denver Winter Brew Fest

If you haven’t been to one of the two annual Denver Brew Fests you’re missing a really fun time. Two festivals are held each year – summer and winter – at Mile High Station. Unlike many beer festivals, this one is not too big (around 2000 or so attendees) but they fit a lot of beer in that smaller space. There is always plenty of great beers from Colorado and beyond, as well as live music, food trucks, all in the really cool atmosphere of Mile High Station. The festival encompasses both floors of the two-story event center, as well as their large outside space, so there is plenty of room for wandering, mingling, and just enjoying your surroundings. Each season the Denver Brew Fest takes place over two days – Friday and Saturday.  The bands and some of the brewers and sponsors change from day-to-day, so you can attend both sessions and not experience the same festival twice. We’re going on Friday because it really worked good with our schedule, and the music by Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene looks pretty fun. However, we’re pretty tempted to go Saturday too, when the Gin Doctors take the stage. They are truly one of our favorite local bands, so it may be worth another night at the fest to check them out. I mean, if you twist our arms I guess we can manage two nights of beer drinking fun. If we must.

There are seriously too many breweries to list, especially when we’re trying to fit this post in on a lunch break. Instead, check out the graphic below for an idea of breweries & sponsors. Click the image to link through the to Denver Brew Fest web page for all the event details, and the breakdown of participating breweries for Friday and Saturday.

2016 Denver Winter Beer Fest Brewers and Sponsors

We have been to both the Summer and Winter Brew Fests, but if we’re being honest, the Winter Brew Fest is the most fun. After all, it’s very Colorado-y to hang outside in the winter and drink beer. There is a tent to keep things from getting too frosty, but it’s just great fun to go outside to enjoy some cold beer, dance to some great music, and enjoy a little fresh air.

Denver Winter Brew Fest 2014 (9)

If you’re interested in attending the Denver Winter Brew Fest, tickets are still available at DenverBrewFest.com. General Admission (7pm-10pm) tickets are $35, or you can splurge for VIP tickets (6pm-10pm) for $45. The 2016 Denver Winter Brew Fest benefits Swallow Hill Music Association. So if you love music and want to support Swallow Hill, then you just have to come to drink with us at the Winter Brew Fest. It’s the least you can do for charity, so just consider your ticket a good deed and celebrate your philanthropy with cold beers. Win/Win.


Denver Winter Brew Fest 2014 (100)