43 Days

Wow. It’s been 43 days since we last wrote anything for our Bottle Makes Three followers. Jeez, we totally SUCK.

We won’t bore you with the “we have been oh so busy” nonsense because while it’s all true, it’s just not a valid excuse. Certainly, we could and should have found the time to write in 43 days, so we won’t pretend that we’ve been busy every second. If we’re being honest, I guess after nearly 4 years, we just really needed a break. Life got somewhat more complicated the past few months, and we didn’t do a good job balancing our conflicting demands. So we took a little break, and before we knew it, it’s been 43 days. It was rough, because we honestly missed this, and the longer you stop the harder it is to start again.

Now we’re ready to pick up the pieces and move on and get back to the fun of beer writing. Let us just pretend this never happened, okay? We can pretend we don’t feel guilty, and you can pretend that you noticed that there hasn’t been any Bottle Makes Three content for 42 days. Yeah, we caught ya. You didn’t even realize we weren’t here, did you? That hurts, but we will pretend you really did miss us. It’s called denial and we do it very well.

Bristol Brewing, Colorado Springs | BottleMakesThree.com
Unseasonably warm February means beers on patios. Yay!

What We’ve Been Up To

Since we’ve been gone we have enjoyed beer, duh. We’re lame, we’re not dead. However we haven’t been to any of the new breweries that have opened, so you know we were seriously busy. Several craft breweries have joined the Colorado beer scene in the 42 days we’ve been gone. Just today WestFax Brewing Company has opened their doors at 6733 W Colfax in Denver. Last week we heard about the opening of Whistle Pig Brewing in Colorado Springs, as well as Halfpenny Brewing Company in Centennial. There have been more, we’re sure, so we’ll get our Colorado Brewery Map updated. It looks like we have a lot of new breweries to visit, so we better get busy. Maybe we’ll start with the two breweries in our own backyard that we haven’t even written about yet – 105W Brewing Co and Castle Rock Beer Company. Both of these Castle Rock breweries have been open a while, and we still haven’t covered them. For shame.

Denver Winter Beer Fest 2016 | BottleMakesThree.com
We still found time to go to the Denver Winter Beer Fest!

In other local beer news that we didn’t cover, Coda Brewing has undergone some big changes. The location formerly known as Coda Brewing in Aurora is now called Ursula Brewery, after Luke Smith, one of the two original Coda owners left the business and took the name with him. Watch for Smith to reopen Coda Brewing in a new site soon, and when they do, we promise to pass the info along. Seriously, we will.

Corporate beer sell out. | BottleMakesThree.com
In our defense the Bud rep was nice, and it’s hard to pass up a free hat and a koozie, no matter how crappy the beer is. Don’t judge.

In other beer news, we were oh too busy to report, Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director at the Brewers Association (and our personal hero) called out Jon Taffer for his lack of craft beer respect.  Apparently, Taffer thinks that 60% of craft beer sucks and that this craft beer “bubble” will be popping in the near future. On the upside, Taffer’s comments did get everyone talking about craft beer and quality, just check out the 290+ comments about this on Beer Advocate if you need proof. Personally, we tend to agree with Julia, that the growing brewery count in the U.S. is easily sustainable, and we aren’t planning on any bursting bubble soon if you were wondering. We also think that 60% of Jon Taffer sucks, but that’s just our opinion, so do with it what you will.

Rocky Mountain Brewery, Colorado Springs | BottleMakesThree.com
Rocky Mountain Brewery. We went there on our hiatus. They did NOT suck!

Lots of other stuff happened during our hiatus, none of which we wrote about. But March is a new month, and we are here to make amends by getting back to business. Watch for more articles coming soon about all the great Colorado breweries and beer fests, and if we could, we would totally pinky-swear that we mean it this time. We are back, and we are very, very thirsty.

Thanks for sticking with us. Now let’s go have some beers.

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