Friday Fun: Nothing But TGIF

We have nothing much to say except TGIF and Happy Weekend!

It’s finally here folks, it’s just about 5 o’clock on Friday. What are you still doing here reading blog posts on the internet? You should be at your local brewery enjoying some brews! Well, since you’re here we promise to keep this short so you can get started on the happy hour. We understand priorities. 


We made you the image above today when we could (and should) have used our time on something more productive.

So yeah. We did that. For YOU. Because we care.

Who’s Ready for the Weekend?

We are! Of course, we’re always ready for the weekend if we’re being honest. This weekend we’re excited to be helping out our local brewery 105 West Brewing Company by working & serving beers at the 2018 Castle Rock Brew Fest Under the Stars. If you’re coming out, stop by and say “hi” to us. It should be a really fun time!

oh hi..

Coming Soon-ish

We have a lot of great stuff to share with you starting next week. We have so many great stories from the 2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference (BBC18) in Loudoun County, Virginia. We had an incredible time exploring all the great breweries in Loudoun County and beyond. Virginia has a really is an incredible beer scene so (spoiler alert) we definitely recommend checking them out for yourself.

We’re also finishing up posts on our visits to both the Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House in Maryland and the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. We have so much to share that our heads are going to explode if we don’t get it out soon.

Unfortunately, it’s Friday afternoon, so you’re going to have to wait until next week.

Wait for it....

On a Personal Note…

Thanks for sticking around while things have been a little hectic in our lives. We returned from our BBC18 trip and 5 days later put our house up on the market. And because we live in Colorado, fast forward 48 hours later and…

Okay, technically it’s not sold, but we are under contract, so now the fun really begins! That is if you think inspections, appraisals, lots of packing, countless moving boxes and house hunting is fun. Do we think it’s fun? Not really, but we’ve definitely been far too busy for us to complain. Except we just did, so sorry. We are really excited about our next big adventure in some new surroundings! Hopefully we find the perfect house soon!

House hunting. It's not just about location, yo

So while Bottle Makes Three will be reporting from a new HQ somewhat soon, rest assured we’re not going anywhere far. In fact, it’s likely our home base will still be in Castle Rock, although we may be heading to the other side of the tracks (literally.) Well, that or we’ll be starting a new blog about how to best adapt to living in your car. But hey, even car living has it’s upside.

You don't need a ride home, if you just live in your car.

Had Enough Memes Yet?

Sorry for the lazy post and the silly memes. Clearly, we don’t have time for real news today, so let’s stop the shenanigans and all get to happy hour and have some great craft beers.

Friday happy hour... time for some craft beer!

We’ll have real content for you next week, so come on back to Bottle Makes Three then. If you just can’t wait to visit us online, check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We even have a pretty kick-ass Pinterest page if you really get bored this weekend. Otherwise, we’ll see y’all next week. Have a great weekend!


I'm too busy for memes, and yet, here we are again...

Yeah, we are too. Sorry. That was the last one.