Behind the Scenes at CB and Potts

We’ve visited CB and Potts a lot lately. After all, we play kickball on Thursday nights near the Highlands Ranch CB and Potts location, and they offered us great beer deals for our post-game celebrations. I have to say, they’ve really won us over. Originally we sort of wrote this off as another chain restaurant that brews beer that isn’t half-bad for the suburban masses. We can admit now, we were too quick to judge. The beer here is really, really good. I’m a big fan of the Big Horn Blonde and Buttface Amber Ale, while Jeff loves the Big Red IPA. It’s good stuff.

This past week, we got an extra special look behind the scenes at the CB and Potts in Highlands Ranch, thanks to our friend Brian. We had stopped with Brian for a beer and told him that we’d love to tour the brewery someday. Brian, who had worked at Potts for a while (and visits A LOT) made that happen by introducing us to Ty Nash, their brewer. Ty was cleaning up and was nice enough to welcome us into his brew area and chat for a bit. It was great. For Jeff, I’m pretty sure it was comparable to meeting a rock star. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it was still great to meet someone so successful at doing something that we do just for fun. We had a nice chat about his brewing process, beers he’s brewing for GABF, and even a few homebrew tips. It’s always great to get tips from someone who makes such great beers!

Thanks Ty, for all those beers we’ve had, and all the great beers to come!


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