Red Leg Brewing, Serving Those Who Served

It’s awful how sometimes the silly commitments we make (i.e.: work) keeps us from our true passion (i.e.: beer.)  That’s the only excuse we have for taking so long to recognize a brewery we visited a few months ago that really deserved to be featured long before now:  Red Leg Brewing Company.

Red Leg Brewing Company

Red Leg Brewing celebrated their 1st anniversary last Friday, on the 4th of July.  It’s fitting that this great brewery down in Colorado Springs opened on Independence Day.  The brewery was created by veterans and active duty military personnel, for a community full of more veterans and active duty military personnel.  Even their name, Red Leg, pays homage to members of the field artillery soldiers who are referred to as “redlegs” because during the American Civil War these soldiers wore scarlet red stripes down the legs of their uniform pants to help indicate their location on the battlefield.  This brewery is perfectly suited for a great American military town such as Colorado Springs.  During our visit, we felt certain that we were surrounded by some of the great men and women who were taking a well-deserved beer break from protecting our freedom.  There were active duty service men and women, veterans, and then there was us… feeling like no-good dirty hippies in comparison to the brave Americans surrounding us. Fortunately for us, Red Leg Brewing was welcoming to us slack-ass non-military types, too.  Damn, they’re awesome.

During our visit, we had the Front Line, a sampler of all 6 of their beers.   All six were delicious, but there were a few favorites that we thought outranked the others.  The SGT Pils was both of our favorite, which says a lot for a brewery.  I mean, everyone makes an IPA Jeff loves, and usually, there’s something malty or fruity for me – but it’s rare that we both fall in love with a pilsner, and that says a lot for Red Leg Brewing Company’s SGT Pils.  It was light and refreshing, very crisp, with a nice hoppy aroma that made it a deliciously easy-drinking beer.  We also enjoyed the Devil Dog stout for its roasted-coffee-meets-hops deliciousness, and the Do Little IPA for being well hopped but with a well-balanced malty finish.  They were all pretty good beers, in so much that we could easily drink a pint of any of them.  For lack of a better analogy, lets just say the beers at Red Leg all tasted as great as sweet, American freedom.

The "Front Line" at Red Leg Brewing
The “Front Line” at Red Leg Brewing

So while it’s too late to visit Red Leg Brewing Company for their first anniversary, drop by anyway.  It’s worth the trip to Colorado Springs for this brewery, and it’s the American thing to do.  Red Leg Brewing Company is located at 4630 Forge Road Suite B, Colorado Springs.  They’re open Wednesday – Sunday, and if all these beers make you hungry there’s often a food truck around to get you some grub.  For more information on Red Leg Brewing Company visit their website or Facebook page.


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